The Smallest Controllable

In this video installation we used FITS files (Flexible Image Transport System) from the sattelite Kepler and processed them through an astronomical visualization software called SAO. A voice of an artificial intelligence reads the definition of pixel, replacing the word with “person” is over the video. The Smallest Controllable Element is a a way of looking at distant space to question ourselves about the space we inhabit down here.

In partnership with Niccolò Moronato. Music by Alberto Vieira.

Exhibited at Spazio Gamma in Milan in September 2020.

If you want to know more about the project go here:
The Smallest Controllable Element at Spazio Gamma in Milan, September 2020 – Photo by Jacopo Nocentini


Other Skies is a visual experience made for Teletext, a rudimentary interactive graphic interface broadcasted from TV Channels since early 70’s. The project was delivered as a broadcast on the public airwaves of RAI, the Italian national TV at Televideo pages 675 - 679 from January until April 2019 and subsequently at ARD (Germany) and ORF (Austria). It was also exhibited at Dyson Gallery in the Royal College of Arts in London, in early September 2019.

It’s part of Firmament, a project by the artist Niccolò Moronato. Firmament comprises works in several different media. It is focused on the proces of devising new shapes and constellations out of a blank new sky from Trappist -1e an object located 40 light years away from us, and deemed “perfect for life” since its discovery in 2017.

OOOroscope at Dyson Gallery, Royal College of Arts – September 2019


A typeface inspired by São Paulo walls. You can download the font file here.